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How to Save Time Planning with Airtable

How to Save Time Planning with Airtable

Do you have tons of digital curriculum resources that you never use in a school year because you forget you bought them? Or maybe your district purchased subscriptions to curriculum websites, but you forget to look for content to use with lessons. Planning with Airtable – a FREE productivity app – can help you get organized once and for all and save you time each time you plan!

Virtual Student Led Conferences Made Easy

Virtual Student Led Conferences Made Easy

Student led conferences are a game-changer. Now more than ever, they are an important part of the educational experience for students with social distancing in place. You CAN still hold student led conferences this year no matter what your situation is – virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

How to Hold a Virtual Open House This Year

How to Hold a Virtual Open House This Year

There’s no doubt that this school year is going to start uniquely. With large gatherings being banned, it may be safer to hold a virtual Open House, Meet the Teacher, or Back to School Night this year. Even beyond the state of the world right now, a virtual Open House as a typical option isn’t a bad idea. Parents may not typically be able to attend Open House due to after school activities, work, or other obligations, so having a virtual option is something that you may consider in the future as well.

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– Tiffany Schmidt 

Get ready to rock Student Led Conferences with this planning guide!

Get ready to rock Student Led Conferences with this planning guide!

Grab this 5-page planning guide to get started with student led conferences this year! You'll receive a planning checklist for in-person and virtual conferences, planning worksheets, and teacher discussion points.

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