FAQ + Support

General FAQs
What grade levels do you create resources for?

I mostly create for upper elementary grade levels – 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.

Where can I purchase your resources?

My resources are sold in my website shop as well as at Teachers Pay Teachers. Both shops contain identical resources and pricing. When resources are updated, they are updated in both shops as well. Prices are the same in both shops but may differ during promotions.

How do I open a ZIP file?

A ZIP file is a compressed folder that contains multiple files. Using ZIP files allows me to provide multiple files in one easy download.

ZIP files need to be unzipped in order to extract the files inside. Both PCs and Macs are able to unzip ZIP files without additional software. iPhones and iPads will require an additional app.

On a PC:

  1. Right-click on the unopened ZIP folder.
  2. Choose “Extract All” from the menu that opens.
  3. Choose a destination. This is the place where you want to keep the unzipped files. You can choose “My Documents,” for example.
  4. Click “Extract.”

    On a Mac:

    Double-click the unopened ZIP — the file should extract automatically.

    If that doesn’t work, hold down the control key and click the ZIP file icon. Choose “Open With” and then select “Archive Utility.” The utility will extract the ZIP files, and you can find them in the same folder where you downloaded them.

    On a Chromebook:

    1. Double-click on the ZIP file.
    2. You’ll notice that the ZIP file has been mounted and is located in the sidebar of the file manager alongside your Downloads folder, Google Drive account, and any other services you mounted.
    3. To extract the files from your archive, open a new file manager window, browse to or create a folder for the files, and then drag everything from one window to the other.
    4. This will extract those files out of the ZIP archive and make them accessible to you.

    On a mobile iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad:

    If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to download and install an app. iZip is a popular and reliable option that is free in the App Store.

    After you have the app installed, log in and go to your “My Purchases” page. Tap “Download Now” next to the zipped resource. When the download is complete, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can choose how to open the file.

    1. Tap “Open in iZip.”
    2. That will redirect you to iZip. Tap “OK” to extract.
    3. Tap the folder.
    4. Tap the individual files within the folder, and they’ll open in the appropriate program.
    How can I stay in the loop and find out about promos, freebies, and new product releases?
    I’m so glad you asked! Sign up for my weekly emails. You’ll get quick, actionable tips that you can use in your classroom, free resources (including flash freebies of paid products), giveaways, sale notifications, and more!

    Are you ready? Click here to sign up!

    I signed up for your emails, but I am not getting them. Help!

    If you aren’t getting my emails, there are some things you can do to make sure they come right to your inbox.

    First, add my email to your contacts in your email provider: tiffany@thelearningeffect.com

    Email communication will come from one of these two email addresses, so by adding them to your address book, your email provider will know you expect emails to come from these addresses.

    If you use Gmail, drag my emails from the “Promotions” folder to the “Inbox”. This will tell Gmail that you want my emails to go straight to your inbox. 🤩

    Still not getting my emails? Are you using a school email address?

    Some schools or districts have very strict filters that may keep my emails from coming to you! It’s recommended that you use your best personal email address for this reason.

    Need help switching your email? Send me an email at hello@thelearningeffect.com and I can update your profile!

    Can I use your resources for my Outschool class?

    All of my resources are for individual single classroom use only. My resources may NOT be used on any for-profit teaching site, like Outschool. Thank you for understanding.

    Can I share files with other teachers?

    All resources are licensed for individual use. Individual Licenses are non-transferable and may not be used by or reallocated to a different educator. Your license doesn’t cover use by another friend or colleague.

    Purchase of my resources entitles the purchaser the right to reproduce the pages in limited quantities for single classroom use only. Duplication for multiple classrooms, an entire school or school system, or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written permission from the publisher. Copying any part of this resource and placing it on the internet in any form violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA). These items can be picked up in a Google search and then shared worldwide for free.

    Thank you for respecting my hard work and the work of the clip artists.

    Website Shop FAQs
    How do I log in to my website shop account?

    You can log in to your account here:

    Your account can be accessed from The Learning Effect’s website menu under Shop > Shop Our Website > Shop Account.

    Does my purchase include future updates?

    Yes! I am someone who likes to keep my products fresh, so if they need an update, they get one. I made sure that when I picked a shop platform it was one that would guarantee that you have access to all future updates in your account!

    What payment methods do you accept?

    My website shop accepts payments via Stripe and PayPal. Both payment portals are secure ways to pay for both parties.

    Am I able to redownload my purchases from your website shop?

    Absolutely! Just sign in to your account to access all of your purchases. You can even download updates for free.

    How do I redeem a coupon or promo code?

    In our website shop, you can enter a coupon code on the Cart page.

    💻  On desktop: Under the total on the left side, click Redeem Your Code and add the code to the Coupon Code box and apply.
    📱  On mobile: Under the Checkout button, click Redeem Your Code and add the code to the Coupon Code box and apply.
    Where do I download my purchase?
    Your purchase is emailed to you, but you can also log in to your account and redownload past purchases and updates to resources.
    How can I change the email address in my shop account?

    Log in to your account.

    On the left side of your Account page, you’ll see your name and email address. Click Edit. You can change your name and email address here. Don’t forget to save!

    What can I do if I typed my email incorrectly for my order?
    No worries! If you typed your email address incorrectly at checkout, I’m happy to help!

      First, try logging in to the website shop here. The shop will send you an email with a link to click that automatically logs you in – no password needed!

      If after 5 minutes you didn’t get an email and you’ve checked all corners of your inbox (spam/junk folder, promotions tab, etc.), please reach out! I can update the email address on your order so that you can log in to your account.

      Just send me an email at hello@thelearningeffect.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

      What is your refund policy?

      All resources you purchase are delivered electronically. Unlike a shirt or a book, you can’t actually return a PDF, PowerPoint, or other files after they’ve been downloaded. For that reason, all sales of digital resources are considered final and nonrefundable.

      If you made a duplicate purchase or purchased in error, please send me an email at hello@thelearningeffect.com and I’ll help you out!

      Where can I find a receipt for my purchase?

      Receipts are automatically emailed to you when you purchase.

      You can also find receipts in your shop account. Once logged in, your orders will show up in your account and there is a link that says Print Order under each order on the righthand side.

      Printing FAQs
      The PDF is asking for a password to print. Can I get the password?

      I’ve found that this happens when the files are not being opened with Adobe Reader or when Adobe Reader needs to be updated.

      Or, if you’re opening the file on a Mac and it’s opening in Preview (Mac’s default file reading software), this error comes up. If you open the PDF with Adobe Reader (which is free), then it will work.

      Part of the page isn't printing. How can I fix this?
      First, make sure that your PowerPoint settings are NOT set to print in black and white or grayscale. For some reason, that removes the background, which may include the images and/or text.

      If that’s not it, you can save the file as a PDF first, and then print. This will flatten everything for you and it should print correctly.
      On a PC: Go to File > Save As > Save As Type > PDF
      On a Mac: Go to File > Export > File Format > PDF

      If you need further assistance, please email me at hello@thelearningeffect.com so I can better assist you.

      The file isn't printing correctly and is jumbled or has black boxes around the images. How can I fix this?

      First, make sure you’re opening the PDF in Adobe Reader on your computer. (Not in an internet browser and not using Mac’s default file viewing software, Preview.)

      Then, make sure your Adobe Reader software is up to date. Go to Help > Check for Updates.

      These are the two most common reasons for these printing errors, but if you’re still having trouble please email me at hello@thelearningeffect.com for further support.

      Google + Digital FAQs
      How do I access the Google or digital files I purchased?

      Your download includes a PDF with links to the Google file(s) inside. Those links will prompt you to make a copy of the files and add them to your Drive for you. Make sure you are clicking the links on a computer, not a mobile device, or they will not prompt you to make a copy.

      If you need additional assistance, feel free to email me at hello@thelearningeffect.com.

      The Student Led Conference Google Slides has pages missing. Where can I find them?

      Instructions in the PDF will explain how to edit the file, which is done through the Slide Master. (It’s the page right after the Google Access links.) This is where the additional templates are located as well.

      If you need any further assistance with the file, please feel free to email me at hello@thelearningeffect.com.

      Teacher Planner FAQs
      What type of paper do you print your planner on?

      I use 32 lb paper. It’s a little bit more expensive than regular paper, but erases nicely and is thick enough that it doesn’t rip easily. A ream should last you a few years if you only use it for printing your planner.

      Have another question? Send me a message!