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Teaching 2D geometric shapes with visuals and vocabulary will help your students understand and remember the parts of each shape. The first five shape posters (circle, oval, triangle, square, and rectangle) feature a visual of the shape, a real-life example, and the number of sides the shape has. The remaining ten shape posters feature a visual of the shape and the number of sides the shape has.


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  • 16 colorful posters, including:
    • 2D Shapes header
    • Circle
    • Oval
    • Triangle
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Rhombus
    • Trapezoid
    • Parallelogram
    • Pentagon
    • Hexagon
    • Octagon
    • Decagon
    • Isosceles triangle
    • Equilateral triangle
    • Right triangle
  • Black and white ink-saving version of all pages
  • Printable cheat sheet for student notebooks or studying (prints two on a page)


  • PDF: This resource requires Adobe Reader (free software) to access and is NOT editable in any way. You will not be able to manipulate the content inside.

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