Biome Ecosystem Research for Google Slides Project and Presentation

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Students will love this biome research project using Google Slides™! Get your students collaborating to research an assigned biome or ecosystem. They will teach their classmates what they've learned through a presentation at the project's end.

A favorite project of my own 5th grade students each year, this project is engaging and allows students to creatively collaborate. The presentation template and research worksheets are editable so you can change the content to fit your needs.


  • Information for the teacher
  • Websites for research
  • Biome research project instructions for students
  • Sources notes page for students
  • Note-taking graphic organizer for research and presentations
  • Grading rubric
  • Editable student note-taking pages and grading rubric to customize
  • Google Slides™ files:
    • Student Research Slides Template (editable)
    • Student Research Worksheets (editable)
    • Example of 5th grade class' project


  • Savanna (already completed to use as a student example)
  • Desert
  • Deciduous Forest
  • Grassland
  • Taiga
  • Tundra
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Freshwater
  • Estuary
  • Saltwater


  • Characteristics and Location
  • Clime
  • Animals and Adaptations
  • Plants and Adaptations
  • Threats and Human Impact


  • PDF: This resource requires Adobe Reader (free software) to access and is NOT editable in any way. You will not be able to manipulate the content inside.
  • Google Slides™: To access the Google Slides™ version, you need to have a (free) Google™ account. Once you purchase this resource, you will receive a PDF with a link to access the digital resource. The link will prompt you to make a copy of the resource, which will add it to your Google Drive™.

Please ask ALL questions before purchasing.

Copyright © Tiffany Schmidt (The Learning Effect)
All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
Please purchase additional licenses at a discounted rate for additional users.
Intended for classroom and personal use only.

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