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Class Meeting Slips allow your students to privately communicate with you about what's going on in your classroom. They are perfect for morning meetings, class meetings, status of the class, or to simply address things, as needed.

Slips are included for giving kudos to another student for something positive, asking a question, requesting help, reporting a problem, or giving a suggestion. Students love that the slips give them a way to contribute to class meetings anonymously, if needed, and any issues can be taken care of properly.


  • Labels for a box, basket, etc. for collecting the slips - 3 options:
    • Class Meeting
    • Suggestion Box
    • A Note for the Teacher
  • 5 meeting slips (prints four to a page)
    • I have something GOOD to report.
    • I have a QUESTION!
    • I need HELP!
    • I have a PROBLEM!
    • I have a SUGGESTION!
  • Slips are black and white only - perfect for printing on colored paper
  • 2 options for all slips and labels - with or without clip art


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