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Start a Classroom Economy and teach your students financial responsibility! This resource has everything you need to get started in your classroom, with printer-friendly pages, teacher tips, and photo examples. Editable pages allow you to customize the classroom economy to best fit your needs.


  • Quick print PDF for those who want to quickly print pages – no editing needed.
  • PowerPoint file for those who want to edit the labels to money, signs, etc. to create their own economy and fill in signs before printing.
  • Google Slides file for those who want to edit but don’t have PowerPoint. PLEASE NOTE: The available fonts in Google Slides are different than those used to create the quick print pages. Google doesn’t allow uploading custom fonts, so I’ve chosen similar fonts that are available in Google Fonts.
  • Teacher tips and photo examples throughout the resource
  • Money Denominations including $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 (editable, 2 options - black/white or color)
  • Money Storage Box Dividers (2 options - black/white or color)
  • Student Wallet Templates (3 options)
  • Check Templates and How to Write a Check Anchor Charts
  • Banking Logs (4 options)
  • Bank Deposit and Withdrawal Slips
  • Classroom Job Ideas
  • Classroom Jobs Sign (editable)
  • Classroom Job Application
  • Job Application Sorting Sheets (editable)
  • Classroom Job Descriptions/Assignments Sheets (editable)
  • Bonuses, Fines & Fees, and Expenses Signs (editable)
  • Rental Agreements (editable)
  • Rent Due Slips
  • Desk and Chair Ownership Certificates (editable)
  • Fines and Fees Citation Slips (2 options - editable)
  • Classroom Store Sign
  • Classroom Store Menu Sign (editable)
  • Store Receipts
  • Store Price Tags (2 size options)
  • Reward Pass Ideas
  • Reward Pass Menu Sign (editable)
  • Reward Passes (editable - black/white or color)
  • Classroom Gift Cards (editable - black/white or color)


  • PDF: This resource requires Adobe Reader (free software). The contents may not show correctly if using other PDF software.
  • PowerPoint: This resource requires PowerPoint software installed on a PC or Mac. It has not been tested with other presentation software. If you do not have PowerPoint, you can use the Google Slides version.
  • Google Slides: To access the Google Slides version, you need to have a (free) Google account. The included PDF contains a link to access the digital resource.

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All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
Please purchase additional licenses at a discounted rate for additional users.
Intended for classroom and personal use only.

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