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Keeping Easter educational doesn't have to be a hassle! Students can practice math skills in a fun, engaging way with solve and color worksheets and mystery pixel art for Google Sheets. The skills covered in this resource are expressions with exponents, expressions without exponents, powers of ten, and greatest common factors and least common multiples. Perfect for the spring months, Easter, or enrichment.

There are 4 solve and color activities included in each resource, along with answer keys. Both resources contain the same questions and answers. Each activity covers one of the topics listed below.

The printable worksheets are numbered for easy matching if you decide to use them all at once in your classroom. Answer keys include both how sheets should be colored and answers to the math problems.

The questions included in these resources are the same, meaning both resources have the same content. Students can solve on paper worksheets and then input their answers into the Google Sheets file to reveal the mystery pixel picture if you want to skip the coloring portion but still have students self-check.


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  • Two versions of Easter mystery pictures
    • Printable worksheet activities
    • Google Sheets self-checking activities
  • 4 math activities aligned to 5th and 6th grade math standards
    • Expressions with Exponents
    • Expressions without Exponents
    • Powers of Ten
    • Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
  • Printable: Each activity has a mystery picture coloring sheet and a math problem worksheet
  • Answer keys


  • To use the digital resource, you must be connected to the internet.
  • Google Sheets is best to use if your school has access to Google Apps for Education.
  • Google Sheets can easily be assigned with Google Classroom. Read my blog post about assigning resources like this to your students with Google Classroom.
  • You can also assign Google Sheets with other learning management systems. Please check with your LMS to see how to best assign Google Sheets to your students.
  • Students type their answers in each box. If they are correct, the box turns green, and part of the mystery pixel picture is revealed. If they are incorrect, the box turns red, and they can try again.
  • Please note: Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program. Therefore, the images are created with colors filling in table cells. The images are pixel art and therefore aren’t meant to be crystal clear images.


  • PDF: You will receive two PDFs - one with the printable worksheets and the other with your access link to the digital resource inside. This resource requires Adobe Reader (free software). The contents may not show correctly if using other PDF software.
  • Google Sheets: To access the Google Sheets files, you need a (free) Google account. The included PDF contains a link to access the digital resource.


⚠️ This resource is NOT editable. You will NOT be able to change any of the questions in the activity.

Please ask ALL questions before purchasing.

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