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This black and white, ink-friendly Teacher Planner Bundle has everything you need to organize the school year - weekly planning pages, helpful forms, monthly calendars, curriculum map templates, digital stickers, and much more. You can easily customize and create a planner that fits your needs with everything included. Print or digital planning? The choice is yours!

Stop wasting money on those pricey teacher planners you buy each year! (You know you don't use every page, and it's painful that you can't even customize it.)

Creating your own planner puts the power of planning back into your hands! With hundreds of colorful cover designs, the option to handwrite or type your plans, pre-dated planning pages and calendars, and editable pages, you can put together a planner that makes the teacher next door jealous.

The best part of all? You get FREE updates every year. It's true -- this is just a one-time purchase, and you get access to ALL future updates. (How amazing is that?!)

The latest update (February 2023) includes January 2023 - December 2025. The next updates will be published by April 2025.

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  • 350+ colorful and trendy cover designs -- Whether you bind your planner or stick it in a 3-ring binder, these cover designs will give you a fun flair added to your planner! Change out your cover as often as you'd like. Create binder covers for students, your curriculum master copies, or anything else you want to add a playful look to.
  • Curriculum map templates -- Pre-dated + editable = ready to fill in! These templates make creating an essential pacing guide a breeze to ensure you get all your curriculum standards taught pre-testing season.
  • Monthly calendars -- Personal or classroom planning, monthly info calendars you send home to parents or add to your teacher planner or binder - these calendars can help you organize all the things in multiple areas of your life.
  • Pre-dated weekly planning templates -- Whether you prefer subjects across the top of the page or down the side, both options are included and are completely editable.
  • Digital planning templates -- Prefer to plan 100% paperless? Widescreen templates are included for planning on a computer or tablet. (Not pre-dated.)
  • 200+ planner pages and forms -- From checklists to grade book sheets to teacher and student information pages, you will have everything you need this school year in one place.
  • 2,500+ functional digital stickers -- Add digital stickers to your planning pages before printing or for emphasis when you plan digitally. Simply copy and paste to utilize these fun accents.
  • All editable files included are for PowerPoint and Google Slides.
  • Basic editing and formatting instructions are included.


I think of you when I plan my updates and add new content. You will always have access to an entire school year, so you're not missing any parts of your planner. Pages set up for an American school year (July-June) also have an option for a typical year (January-December). Let me know if there's anything else I can do to improve my planner for international teachers!


Just log in to your TpT account and go to My Purchases. You can either search for my store name or click on the Recently Updated sort option. Find this Teacher Planner Bundle, and a green UPDATED box will be visible, letting you know when it was updated and what the latest updates include!

  • 18 binder cover theme sets with 363 total different covers
  • Each binder cover has matching binder spines for 1" and 2" binders
  • Text is editable – use your own fonts if you'd like
  • There are NOT any covers with pre-written text. A list of title ideas is included for your binders/dividers.
  • Please note: The text is the only editable part of this resource. Images are not editable.
  • Monthly curriculum map/pacing guide templates – they do NOT include pre-filled content for any grade levels
  • Dated templates for January 2023 - December 2025
  • Two options for your layout – one-page or two-page spread
  • Type into the tables and change the number of columns to fit your needs
  • Please note: The month and year on each page are not editable text and are a part of the page background
  • Year at a glance template is not dated - use for a brief overview of what core topics you'll be covering each month throughout the year


  • Editable template for your district/state standards. You type them into the templates to create a quick reference that matches your curriculum map.
  • The tables and text are completely editable
  • Please note: No curriculum standards are included. It would be impossible for me to include standards that meet all grade levels, states, countries, etc. This is merely a template for you to organize your standards in one place better.
  • Dated calendars for January 2023 - December 2027
  • Two options for your layout – one-page or two-page spread
  • Type into the calendars to add events, student birthdays, and more
  • Please note: The month, year, and small following month calendar on each page are not editable and are a part of the page background


  • Two pre-dated weekly lesson plan options are included – subjects across the top AND subjects down the side
  • Dated templates for January 2023 - December 2025
  • Type into the tables and change the number of columns to fit your needs
  • Please note: The month on each page is not editable text and is a part of the page background to preserve the font
  • Alternate templates to choose from that are not pre-dated


  • Over 200 planner pages and forms
  • All student checklists come with pre-made lists for 25, 30, and 35 students. You can easily add or delete any extra rows.
  • All tables are completely editable. Some of the pages contain sections that have titles that are NOT editable.
  • Please note: The page titles are not editable text and are a part of the page background.


  • 28 covers to choose from with matching spines for 1", 1.5", and 2" binders


  • Widescreen templates for digital planning on a computer or tablet
  • These editable templates are undated and have pre-made options for 5, 6, or 7 subjects with subjects across the top AND subjects down the side


  • PowerPoint file for those who are using PowerPoint to create/edit a digital or printable planner
  • Google Slides file for those who are using PowerPoint to create/edit a digital or printable planner
  • Airtable base with dates for the holidays and observance stickers that are included. I will update the database each year to help you easily find when holidays and observances fall in the calendar.
  • 2,604 digital stickers for use with a teacher planner or calendar
  • Sticker images are embedded in a PowerPoint or Google Slides file as a sticker book. They are high quality PNG images and will work with digital planning or printed planners.
    • teacher tasks, teacher meetings, teacher duties, activities outside the classroom, school events, in-class tasks, curriculum subjects, extracurriculars, fun stuff, emergency drills, celebrations, sports, religion, remote learning, personal, scheduling
    • holidays & observances: U.S., Canadian, Australian, religious, cultural, school & fun observances, seasons, health awareness
    • productivity & functional stickers
    • shapes - solid, outlined, and semi-transparent *these are the only editable stickers - you can change the colors and add your own text
    • icons


⚠️ These stickers are not meant to be printed on sticker paper. The stickers may not be used to create products for you to redistribute or sell.


  • Zipped Files: This resource includes more than one file and is zipped. You will need to unzip the file to access the resources.
  • PDF: This resource requires Adobe Reader (free software).
  • PowerPoint: This resource requires PowerPoint software installed on a PC or Mac to access. It has not been tested with other presentation software.
  • Google Slides: To access the Google Slides version, you need to have a (free) Google account. Once you download this resource, you will receive a PDF with a link to access the digital resource. The link will prompt you to make a copy of the resource, which will add it to your Google Drive.

Please ask ALL questions before purchasing.

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