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Review 4th, 5th, and 6th grade math in a fun and interactive way that involves your whole class. These engaging game shows play like Jeopardy® and cover various math skills. Perfect for end of year or end of unit review.

This bundle includes 50 games covering 4th, 5th, and 6th grade math standards.

You save 40% by purchasing these resources in a bundle!


  • Clickable, Jeopardy-style game board that fades values that have been chosen (only the PowerPoint version fades values)
  • 5 game categories with 5 questions in each + a final challenge question, giving you 26 questions total
  • Each question has a separate linked answer slide
  • Navigation buttons on every slide that will take you to the answer slide or game board


  1. 3rd Grade Review #1
  2. 3rd Grade Review #2
  3. 3rd Grade Review #3
  4. Place Value
  5. Add & Subtract Whole Numbers
  6. Understand Multiplication & Division
  7. One-Digit Multiplication
  8. Two-Digit Multiplication
  9. Divide by One-Digit
  10. Customary Measurement
  11. Metric Measurement
  12. Area & Perimeter
  13. Geometry
  14. Fractions
  15. Fractions & Decimals
  16. Operations with Fractions
  17. Patterns, Sequences, & Line Plots
  18. 4th Grade Review #1
  19. 4th Grade Review #2
  20. 4th Grade Review #3
  21. Multiply by Whole Numbers
  22. Divide by Whole Numbers
  23. Decimal Place Value
  24. Add & Subtract Decimals
  25. Multiply & Divide Decimals
  26. Expressions & Patterns
  27. 2D Figures
  28. Fractions as Division
  29. Add & Subtract Fractions
  30. Multiply & Divide Fractions
  31. Volume
  32. Measurement & Data
  33. 5th Grade Review #1
  34. 5th Grade Review #2
  35. 5th Grade Review #3
  36. Ratios & Rates
  37. Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
  38. Decimal Operations & Dividing Whole Numbers
  39. Multiply & Divide Fractions
  40. Integers & the Coordinate Plane
  41. Expressions
  42. Equations
  43. Functions & Inequalities
  44. Area
  45. Volume & Surface Area
  46. Statistical Measures
  47. Statistical Displays
  48. 6th Grade Review #1
  49. 6th Grade Review #2
  50. 6th Grade Review #3


  • Gameplay instructions
  • Answer key for quick reference
  • Printable team labels for keeping score
  • PowerPoint game show
  • Google Slides™ game show


  • WHOLE-CLASS: Split students into teams. During each round, a student from each team goes into the "hot seat" to compete for their team. All students need whiteboards to solve during the game.
  • VIRTUAL LEARNING: Screen share with your students during a virtual meeting for an interactive whole-class activity.
  • SMALL GROUPS/CENTERS: Set up the game on a computer for students to play against each other.


  • Zipped Files: This resource includes more than one file and is zipped. You will need to unzip the file to access the resources.
  • PDF: This resource requires Adobe Reader (free software).
  • PowerPoint: This resource requires PowerPoint software installed on a PC or Mac to access. It has not been tested with other presentation software.
  • Google Slides™: To access the Google Slides™ version, you need to have a (free) Google™ account. Once you purchase this resource, you will receive a PDF with a link to access the digital resource. The link will prompt you to make a copy of the resource, which will add it to your Google Drive™.


⚠️ This resource is NOT editable. You will NOT be able to change any of the questions in the game.

Please ask ALL questions before purchasing.

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