Measurement Conversion Posters | Customary and Metric System Math Anchor Charts

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Measurement conversion can sure be tricky! These customary and metric measurement posters will help your students simplify the process and visualize the order in which they need to compute their conversion. These anchor charts and visuals give you several options to choose from.


  • Customary length, capacity, and weight conversion posters
  • Metric conversion posters - two options with different mnemonics
  • One-page posters with both customary and metric conversions included
  • 36 vocabulary cards:
    • convert, dimensions, length, width, height, distance, weight, mass, capacity, customary system, inch, foot, yard, mile, ounce, pound, ton, fluid ounce, cup, pint, quart, gallon, metric system, kilometer/kilometre, meter/metre, decimeter/decimetre, centimeter/centimetre, millimeter/millimetre, kilogram, gram, liter/litre, millimeter/millimetre, scale, meter/metre stick, yard stick, ruler
  • Metric conversion steps display
  • Two student reference sheets for notebooks (print two per page)
  • Two files – one with American spelling and one with international spelling [different spelling for deka-/deca-, meter/metre (+ prefixes), liter/litre (+ prefixes)]
  • Black/white ink-saving copies (vocabulary cards are only available in color)


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