Multiply and Divide Fractions Game Show | 5th Grade Math

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Review Multiplying and Dividing Fractions in a fun and interactive way with your whole class. This PowerPoint game show covers 5th grade CCSS topics, including multiply whole numbers and fractions, multiply fractions by fractions, multiply mixed numbers, divide whole numbers by unit fractions, and divide unit fractions by whole numbers. Perfect for an end of year or end of unit review. Review Bowl plays like Jeopardy® and is an engaging way to review!

The questions used in this resource are also available in these formats:


  • Game show PowerPoint
  • Instructions
  • Answer key
  • Team labels for keeping score
  • 5 game categories with 5 questions each:
    • Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions
    • Multiply Fractions
    • Multiply Mixed Numbers
    • Divide Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions
    • Divide Unit Fractions by Whole Numbers
  • Final challenge question


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  • Mac Users: Fonts may not appear correctly in the file and may require you to download a font if you wish to use the one in the preview. Font information is provided in the file.

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