VistaPrint Reward Punch Cards

VistaPrint reward punch cards

I absolutely love being a loyal customer of businesses and being a part of their perks programs. Usually, this involves some sort of punch card and after a number of purchases, you get something free or a discount. I decided to try out this same idea with students and they LOVED it! See how I did it with reward punch cards created with VistaPrint in this blog post.

*Disclaimer: VistaPrint did not sponsor this post. When I originally wrote this post back in 2012, VistaPrint offered a lot of products for free, including loyalty cards. Since then, I’ve created editable Punch Cards for you to create and print your own. They are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

five VistaPrint student rewards punch cards

I created the reward cards through VistaPrint. On the website, they are called Loyalty Cards. These are not business cards. Creating the cards through the Loyalty Card option is how you get the punch boxes printed on the card.

five VistaPrint student rewards punch cards laid on table

For punching the cards, I have a star-shaped hand hole punch.

star hole punch
Fiskars 1/4″ Star Hand Punch

All of my templates are available below. Just click on them to be taken to VistaPrint where you can have them made as is, or change the text.

Now this card is a business card. No punching needed. I hand this out to students when I feel necessary.

If you’re new to VistaPrint, here are some things to know.

  • There are always deals on products available.
  • VistaPrint creations are kept in your account. This makes it so easy to reorder or change wording later on.
  • If you click through multiple emails with different deals, it can change the pricing for the items in your cart.
  • Sometimes changing “advanced options” on items will increase the price.

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through affiliate links.

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