70+ Resources to Help You Teach Fractions

70+ Fraction Resources

Fractions can be fun when you have the resources to teach the content effectively. Upper elementary students learning about fractions – from the basics to operations with fractions – can benefit from a variety of ways to learn about fractions. Save the worksheets for homework and find new ways to teach fractions in your classroom with this list of 70+ fraction resources!

I’ve used all of the following resources, videos, books, etc. in my own classroom.

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First of all, I like to use VideoLink to link to all of the videos I use in the classroom. It ensures I don’t have any ads popping up before or during the video I’m showing – and it takes away the comments and other videos that come up on the sidebar.

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Instructional Resources

Online Games


  • Fractions, by the Math Learning Center | iOS – free
  • Slice Fractions, School Edition | iOS – paid | Android – paid
  • Slice Fractions 2 | iOS – paid| Android – paid
  • Fractions Quiz | Android – free
  • Squeebles Fractions | iOS – paid
  • Fraction Challenge | iOS – free | Android – free

Student Practice Online

My Favorite Fraction Resources

Grab a FREE Math Mystery Pictures Activity to Try with Your Students

Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions in a fun, engaging way with this solve and color worksheet and mystery pixel art for Google Sheets.

Emoji Math Mystery Picture Freebie
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