50+ Multiplication Resources

Each year, the struggle is real with multiplication. It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching 4th, 5th, or 6th – my students seem to need more practice, new ways of learning, resources for repetition, etc. After 5 years in the upper grades, I’ve compiled a list of resources for multiplication.

I’ve used all of the following resources, videos, books, etc. in my own classroom.

Blog Posts


First of all, I like to use Safe YouTube to link to all of the videos I use in my classroom. It ensures I don’t have any ads popping up before or during the video I’m showing – and it takes away the comments and other videos that come up on the sidebar.

Books on Amazon

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through affiliate links.


Instructional Resources

Online Games


  • Sushi Monster | iOS
  • Math vs. Zombies | iOS – $4.99
  • Mathmateer | iOS – $1.99
  • Monster Math Classic | iOS
  • Monster Math | iOS | Android
  • Marble Math Multiplication | iOS
  • Times Table Quiz | iOS
  • Multiplication Flashcard Match | iOS | Android
  • Multiplication Memorizer | Android

Student Practice Online

My Resources

Check out my Pinterest board for multiplication for even more resources!

Looking for fraction resources?

Visit my blog post that features 70+ Fraction Resources.

Links last updated 1/7/2020

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