20 Biome Research Websites for Students

20 Biome Research Websites for Students

Give your students a head start on their collaborative science projects with these student-friendly biome research websites!

Biome Research Projects

As a culminating project for my students, I had them collaboratively research a biome and create a Google Slides presentation to share with our class. Websites can be hit or miss anymore regarding quality and age of content.

DK Find Out! Habitats and Ecosystems on tablet

I provided students with a list of biome research websites to start their projects. The websites were linked on my class website so students could easily access them. If you use an LMS like Google Classroom, you could also share websites with your students that way.

Biome Research Websites

  1. The Wild Classroom
  2. Kids Do Ecology – World Biomes
  3. Ducksters – World Biomes and Ecosystems *
  4. Britannica Kids – Ecosystem *
  5. MBGNet – What’s It Like Where You Live?
  6. Kids Discover – Biomes
  7. Enchanted Learning – Biomes *
  8. Blue Planet Biomes *
  9. Soft Schools – Biomes *
  10. UCMP Berkeley – The World’s Biomes
  11. Fact Monster – Major Biomes of the World *
  12. DK Find Out! Habitats and Ecosystems
  13. ASU – Ask a Biologist (filter the topics to Biomes)
  14. ASU – Virtual Biomes
  15. Mr. Nussbaum – World Biomes Interactive *
  16. NASA Earth Observatory – Mission: Biomes
  17. National Geographic Kids – Habitats *
  18. Scholastic StudyJams! – Biomes
  19. Mocomi – Major Biomes of the World *
  20. Epic! Books – Biomes Book Collection (Epic is completely free for teachers!)

*Website contains ads.

The websites linked are live as of 03.18.2022.

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsed by any of these websites. Use the links at your own discretion. Always preview videos and read over any text before using it in your classroom. You want to make sure the content is appropriate for your grade level and curriculum needs and is accurate. I cannot be held liable for the content on any of these websites.

Epic Biome Book Collection on tablet

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Kiddle is a great kid-friendly search engine that has limited ads. When you run a search, there is a gray box with linked ads at the top, but once you scroll past that, the search results are there.

It also has an encyclopedia called Kpedia that students can use for research.

I recently came across KidzSearch, which is ad-free, but I have not used that one in the classroom. It appears to produce quality search results, but I don’t have experience with it myself.

If your school district or state has student access to online library resources, that is a great place for students to research as well. When I taught in Utah, students had access to a website called Pioneer Library. They could search academic articles, World Book Online, and more.

UCMP Berkeley - The World’s Biomes on tablet

Biome Research Project for Google Slides

A favorite project of my 5th grade students each year, this project is engaging and allows students to collaborate creatively. The presentation template and research worksheets are editable, so you can change the content to fit your needs.

Biome Research Google Slides Project

Students will love this biome research project using Google Slides! Get your students collaborating to research an assigned biome or ecosystem. They will teach their classmates what they’ve learned through a presentation at the project’s end.

Biome Research Google Slides Project

What Some Teachers Have Said About My Biome Research Project

This created such a fun project based learning unit. Students were able to access so many different websites that I didn’t even know existed! It was so easy to have students collaborate with one another while social distancing at their desks. I was able to have them meet up for a few moments at a time to discuss and to organize how they wanted to tackle the project, and my class loved it. I also loved the note taking packet that was included. It helped to make sure that all my students were paying attention.

This resource is well organized and easy to implement. The example project on the savanna biome is a great example for students and really cut down on their questions about the finished project.

Kristin K., 5th grade teacher

My students enjoyed working together in groups to research their biomes. The templates were easy to use, and the rubric was a great resource. Thanks!

Jaime A., 6th grade teacher
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