Classroom Library Decor Idea: READ Letters Craft Tutorial

READ letters tutorial

This quick and easy READ letters tutorial will show you how to create your own set for your classroom library. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have decor for your classroom that matches your theme!

I wanted something bright in my classroom library when I started teaching 4th grade, so I decided to get crafty!

Supplies Needed

How to Create READ Letters

Lay the newspaper out to protect your surface from the paint and glue.

READ letters before being decorated

First, trace the letters, upside down, on the backside of the scrapbook paper. This allows you to cut out the exact size for the front of the letters.

Then, paint the sides with colors that coordinate with the scrapbook paper you chose for each letter.

READ letters painted

After the paint dries, use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to the top of the letters. This will adhere the scrapbook paper to the letters. Once the glue dries, clear coated the top and sides of the letters with the Mod Podge. Make sure the glue under the scrapbook paper is completely dry before doing this or the scrapbook paper can end up soggy and bubbly.

Add a piece of coordinating ribbon to each letter.

READ letters
READ letters

To attach the letters to my classroom wall, I used Command Mini Hooks. I used scissors to make a small cut in the back of the letters, put the hook inside, and pressed it to the wall. They’ve been up for two years with no problems. You could also use nails if your school is okay with you putting holes in the wall. I have also just stood them up on a bookshelf.

classroom library
readletters pin

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